Lemon Creek

Lemon Creek, located within Richmond County, Staten Island, encompasses 41.8 acres of wonderfully diverse tidal wetlands that invite all visitors to come and experience the many wonders available within such incredible terrain. Connected to Raritan Bay on the South Shore via a municipal park, there are many opportunities for the recreational enthusiast to enjoy family-based activities such as bird watching, nature viewing, canoeing during high tide, and photography. Hiking may also be enjoyed on designated trails from the entrance located on Oswald Place.


The portion of the Lemon Creek property adjacent to Bayview Avenue was originally utilized by its owners as a salt marsh and a grazing ground for horses. However, the southern tract of the unit was also highly prized for its access to flourishing shellfish beds. After the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation purchased the southernmost section of the area that borders Hylan Boulevard Bridge, the Department of Environmental Conservation acquired the remainder of the property on the northern side of the bridge in 1979 in order to provide a larger area dedicated for conservation and the public’s enjoyment. Since that time, new culverts and soil stabilizing riprap have been constructed along Bayview Avenue in cooperation with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection’s Bluebell program. Today, the area provides New York residents and visitors with the relief of a fresh open space to balance out an often-times chaotic urban life.

Field Notes

Lemon Creek is an exquisite haven for many New Yorkers due mostly to its soothing natural beauty. A vast array of hardwoods stands towering together over an expanse of meadow and wetland, while a peaceful little creek gently winds its way through. Within this setting one can find a variety of birds and small mammals, making this a favorite site for nature lovers, hikers, and photographers alike. Canoeing is also quite enjoyable during high tide.


Lemon Creek can be accessed from Hylan Boulevard Bridge, Bayview Avenue, and Oswald Place. In addition, the eastern edge can be reached from Direnzo Court off Seguine Avenue. While there are no formal designated parking areas, access to this property may be easily gained from parking along the shoulder of the roads.