Cooking with  Staten Island NYDon’t forget to tell your friend about our Group We have something for Everyone All are welcome we don’t discriminate anyone

Even though I am not a Chef I would rather know what I am eating. Plus it tastes better at home and is good for The Economy – Mine : )

Tonight we are featuring Staten Island Tuna Dinner. So since I am from Staten Island NY, everything I cook is Staten Island _____. Kapish.

This is quite easy to make, yes we did not forget anything for your meal, vegetables, peas in butter and garlic and mash potatoes in butter and garlic.

Yes we even have a glass of Flagship Beer, brewed here near the Staten Island Ferry.

Don’t ask for desert Mike Bloomberg called it right on the money, Americans are obese.  Rather than eating a 1000 calorie NY Cheesecake you could help with the dishes.

Cook your Tuna in oil garlic and butter in a pan, high flame 30 minutes. Don’t you dare touch the beer, I don’t want you to fall asleep and burn the house down. The peas are easy, canned peas drained, garlic a little butter about 5 minutes high flame. Mashed potatoes, sorry I cheated this time Hormel made them, I justed added extra Garlic 5 minutes.


As you can see the Tuna was cooked to perfection.

So in less than half an hour you have a Staten Island Seashore Classic! When you make it close your windows or all the kitty kats from your neighborhood will be on your doorstep. Trust me this is so good that I just received a call from the Staten Island Borough President for 4 orders of Staten Island Tuna Dinner, they are working late on Friday Night. So like Wendy’s Facebook Group Staten Island NY is Open late when you are out Late. Way past 3am.

Since you were good students here. Mangia see you again in Facebook Group Staten Island NY. Take One Each Please.