HALLOWEEN Early Bird Tickets End TODAY!

It’s our second Halloween event!!! !!
We’ve created a horror fantasy, a theatrical performance, 

a Halloween thriller! that borrows from the characters and plot twists that are alleged to have happened in this gorgeous Victorian home

Immerse yourself in the spooky history and legends of the Kreischer Mansion


Performances throughout the house by local performance company Illuminart 

* VIP Attic Performance 

Local artist Maria Ree has her gruesome pieces on display, and for sale, in the basement 

Halloween treats by local baker, Sonia @Sweet on Occasions! 

We’re bringing back DJ Grizzle from last year! !! He is rad and we hope you get into his grooves curated especially for this event  

We suggest dressing in costume relevant to the ominous history of the property to better enjoy the night

Dont be shy to participate in the theatre 



Ticekts include admission onto the grounds and into the landmarked mansion, dance party, immersive performances and basement art installation

VIP tickets allows excllusive entry to an attic performance 

On the door tickets will be available 

21+ enforced 


The Kreischer Mansion has been standing on the hill overlooking Arthur Kill since 1885

It was one of two mansions built by German immigrant Balthasar Kreischer for his sons Charles and Edward

There are rumours of infidelity, mismanagement, financial troubles and murder that fueled a feud between the brothers

Balthasar, Edward, Edward’s wife, their children, and cook, were murdered and perished in a mysterious fire that destroyed their home

The remaining Kreischer Mansion was run as a restaurant front to the mafia until 1996

In 1998 the Kreischer Mansion was bought with the intention of restoration and eventual sale by Isaac Yomtovian

In 2008 the caretaker, a hitman for the Bonnano crime family, was charged with the brutal murder of a rival mob associate committed in 2005

The Kreischer Mansion has been featured on Boardwalk Empire! Gotham, The Bones .. 


IlluminArt Productions was co-founded in 2002 by Arlene Sorkin and Patty Ceresnie in Detroit. After Ms. Sorkin’s move to Staten Island, NY in 2005, IlluminArt officially gained non-profit status. IlluminArt’s goals are to increase the numbers of schools where we can fill a need for theater programming and to write and present more original work on important social issues. 

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