A elegant cut of meat quite costly but worth the price if can find it on sale and you can find a small piece 3 ribs is enough to feed 6 ravenous Staten Islanders. 

Since this is a treat it’s usually made on holidays Thanksgiving or Christmas. Not to be eaten on a regular basis due to high coleric intake including fat. Be sure to trim the fat prior to roasting. 

So for Christmas as in every Christmas I cook it only once a year. This years piece was $7.99 lb but I picked it up on sale for $3.99 lb a 6 1/2 Roast 3 Ribs. Reminds me of the movie  Three Coins in the Fountain You can’t spend up to $200 for a Prime cut of Rib Roast but who has the bread in 2016 and you can do something else with the change if you have the Christmas Bucks. And most Staten Islanders will agree $3.99 is a Cool price.

First let this bad boy become room Temperature after you take it out of the Fridge cooks Even and uniform 

Here is the our Rib Roast out of the supermarket plastic wrap 

Put it in a shallow pan on a rack fill the pan half way with water. This allows the meat to stay tender not dry and you won’t burn your house. Preheat the over to 450 degrees 

Pop it in the oven and cook for 15 minutes at 450 degrees After drop the temperature to 350 degrees and cook three hours If you cook it in less time you will be feeding the Big Cats at The Staten Island Zoo

While it cooks you can be making the side dishes such as mashed potatoes and creamed spinach Peter Luger restaurant in Brooklyn doesn’t do it any better than you they just charge way too much plus you have to pay the tolls on the Verrazano Bridge Gasoline Parking and aggravation 

Stay home like the rest of us on the Not Forgotten Borough They are all jealous of Staten Island Trust Me or ask BP Oddo if you don’t believe me

As the French say after 3 hours of cooking 

Voila or as we say in Tottenville mm good mm good.

A true work of Art and its Medium Rare

If you like it cooked more add another hour and it will still come out A1 and not shoe leather

This is very filling so you don’t need much to eat The taste is definitely 7 Staten Island Welcome Aboard

So there you go a simple meal fit for King

If you eat too much take a few laps around the Conference House

This is the Staten Island Chef signing off till next time  Buon Apetito or Ohhh Faaa